Dr Vernon Coleman - Truth About "Vaccine"

Dr Vernon Coleman on the Truth About the 'Vaccine' & the emerging results of the Experimental Injection (aka Vaccine), Lies, Nuremberg Trials, Covid19 agenda, War Crimes & tears.. this is a very powerful video. Please share to all those you love & care about.. Pass the first intro part & go straight to Dr Vernon. He's, tells the truth, as are so many others, who are speaking out & trying to warn people before it's to late..

COVID19 - Questions to Ask Family/Friends

This is a very calm and reasoned approach to creating dialogue with friends and family to try and help them to apply some logic to the current situation: Thank you to Thomas Guitarman for sharing the link

COVID19 - Do Not Get Tested

This video explains very clearly about how nano technology works and why it's a threat to us via the COVID19 "vaccine":

EU Ruling - No Compulsory Vaccines

Source: : Global-Chief-Federal-Postal-Court-Judge &: Plenipotentiary-Judge. : Mark-kishon: Christopher. : Copy-right/copy-claim. Council of Europe says - Vaccines NOT Mandatory. [" For those people that were fearful and apprehensive about compulsory vaccinations you need not worry. In the History of mankind ...

Vaccines - Interview with Dr Brian Hooker from Astra Zeneca

Submitted by one of our members Mdguzinska - this video was banned by YouTube:

Health Crisis Created by "Pandemic" - Thanks to Rhonda

The article is from the Orthmolecular Medicine website. Rhonda is a member and found this article to be an interesting take on the current health care crisis in many main stream western medical practices. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, January 15, 2021 A Health Crisis Exposed by the COVID Pandemic Commentary by Charles Bens (OMNS Jan 15, 2021) Conventional medicine treats the symptoms of chronic disease, while functional medicine treats the root cau...


- 1-The Corona Scandal - the case against the promoters of the corona panic - - 2-The Corona Scandal - documentation and refferences - - 3-The Corona Scandal - Important News and Facts - Should you have any important resources, that is: documents, or good explanations, overviews, great speaches, links, etc - that are essential for understanding the coran situation. Please let me know. (mailto:...