Plasma Webs

Thanks to Mary Kingsley for allerting us to these videos.   She has not only seen this video - but viewed other webcams and found the same phenomena.

Gina (the lady who recorded the video) posted a few of these videos on twitter and was instantly banned. She now has loads of trolls on her back saying it's water or some sort of fluid on the lens. But those marks would move as the camera moves and this does not happen. The other factor is that they appear in layers. 

Gina, who discovered what she is now calling 'Web Plasma', has good equipment that has shown many 'things' coming out of
the sun and going into it - simply by being watchful and patient, zooming into flares etc.  Gina has videos that show beautiful orbs and I (Mary) know they are real because of seeing them with the naked eye countless times, which has been part of the ESP experiment of living alone and remotely in the wildest habitable high Himalayas.

I also noticed that there are some weird abnormalities on the Shuman which correspond with the increase in this plasma and the graph
detecting comets going nuts, sending rhythmic pulses and weird images.

Interacting/communing is the most blissful experience and yet these 'webs' don't feel good at all.

Here are links to the videos so you can see for yourself: