Activists, Lawyers, Thought Leaders

Aaron Lewis 

(Pastor, Religious Leader)


Dr. Aaron Lewis is a New England native. A spiritual leader, educator, publisher, human rights activist, ghostwriter, and author, Dr. Lewis has traveled to more than 60 countries and 42 of the 50 United States, sharing a message of hope, personal destiny, and promoting balanced education. Dr. Lewis has ghostwritten more than 220 books on Spiritual Healing, Natural Health, Christian Interest, and Personal Finance. For eleven years, he served as the CEO/President of The Scribe’s Ink, Inc., a full-service ghostwriting firm and publisher. He is the President and Founder of The Scribe’s Institute Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to child literacy, child advocacy, and veteran support.

Dr. Aaron Lewis has yet to create a website of his own, but in the meantime, you may find plenty of interviews and conversations featuring Dr. Aaron Lewis on the New Earth Project’s Youtube Channel.



David Martin 

(Corporate Alchemist, Entrepreneur, Financier, Storyteller, Professor, Inventor)


David Martin, business man, professor, author, storyteller, inventor, global foresight advisor, father, friend and Creator of the MCAM CNBC IQ100 index, specialises in putting humanity back into humans – and business.

Creating real transformation from the inside out, he shows and teaches people how to be the difference that makes the difference. David’s secret of success globally is ‘The Wobble Effect’. The problem we see superficially is not the problem. He shows us how to identify the real issues and access our innate wisdom. We change from the inside out, to do everything differently; look at everything differently and bring humanity back into work and humans so we can fully live.

David Martin - Youtube



Del Bigtree 

(Journalist, Activist, Public Speaker)


Del Bigtree is one of the preeminent voices of the Vaccine Risk Awareness Movement. His career as an Emmy winning producer of the CBS talk show The Doctors changed abruptly when he produced the documentary VAXXED, which is credited with igniting a revolution against Pharmaceutical Tyranny around the world.

Now Del’s internet talk show, The HighWire, is the fastest growing program in the Natural Health arena with over 40 million views, and his non-profit,, is leading worldwide investigations into drug and vaccine fraud that have already resulted in two winning lawsuits against US Government agencies Health and Human Services and National Institute of Health.

But Del is probably best known for his powerful speeches that weave shocking truth, searing wit and dynamic passion into an experience that is often described as electrifying.



Dominick Izzo 

(Ex-Cop, Public Speaker, Author, Radio Show Host)


Dominick Izzo is a retired police officer, public servant, public speaker, author, candidate who ran to be Chicago’s Sheriff, national radio host and Warrior for Christ.

Having received numerous honors, awards and serving as media liaison for numerous networks such as MTV and the BBC while serving as a police officer in his community, it is Izzo’s goal to bridge the gap between the police and the public through education, empowerment and respect.  This is the mission of Officer Dominick Izzo through his continued years of public service.  Reaching people through daily contact, social media and traveling the country to deliver the message on the true nature of being a cop, Officer Dominick Izzo is passionate about selfless service to our fellow man.



Dounne Alexander MBE, FRSA 

(Holistic Health Practitioner)


Born (1949) in the idyllic Caribbean Island of Trinidad; Dounne (a British / Caribbean national; and descendant of the Yoruba, Fulani & Hausa 'African nations'), still lives according to her ancestors ancient holistic principles of Spiritual Consciousness, Harmony & Humanity... based on the universal 'Laws-of-Life & Nature' (i.e. LOVE). Her ancestors respected, embraced and looked to NATURE for healing mind, body & spirit to maintain lifelong health.



G. Edward Griffin 

(Writer, Researcher, Film Producer)


G. Edward Griffin is a writer, documentary film producer, and Founder of Freedom Force International and Red Pill University. Listed in Who's Who in America, he is well known because of his talent for researching difficult topics and presenting them in clear terms that all can understand.



Imani Mamalution 

(Project Manager, Mama Bear)


Imani Mamalution is a true revolutionary, change maker, truth seeker and teller….and a fierce Mama Bear protecting her cubs. She is a inviting all of us whether we have children or not to tap into our protective, nurturing mother energy to do what it takes to be sovereign beings thriving on the planet. She is a mama of five daughters raised with “instincts intact” - her four unvaccinated birth children were all born at home and homeschooled at her organic cafe where our curriculum was real food, sustainability and the arts. She is an educator at heart – passionate about sharing information with others to make empowered, informed decisions. 



Ole Dammegard 

(Author, Speaker, Journalist, Musician)


Truth Seeker, Code Breaker and Peacemaker Ole Dammegard, awarded the Prague Peace Prize, and adopted by the Apache Nation, is an author, International speaker, former journalist, musician (2 solo albums), composer (TV, and a short film), artist, inventor and investigator, who has dedicated the last 35 years to researching many of the global conspiracies. Millions of viewers and listeners around the world have taken part of his interviews and presentations. His main focus has been to find out the truth about the assassinations of JFK, the Swedish Prime minister Olof Palme, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon and Lady Di, plus the hundreds of alleged mass shootings and terror attacks such 911, Norway, Oklahoma City and many, many more.



Peggy Hall 



Peggy runs THE HEALTHY AMERICAN, which educates, informs and inspires positive action as they fight for truth and freedom!



Reinette Senum 

(Activist, Community Leader)


For the last dozen years Reinette's focus has been on building her hometown, Nevada City, California, as a more resilient community through creative and unconventional means.  Through risk assessment, public outreach, and a daily hands-on approach, Reinette has been on the forefront of curating Nevada City towards a more sustainable and connected future. Whether as a city council member, mayor, or community activist, her community-changing projects such as the city-sanctioned sustainable vision, the organic Nevada City Farmers Market, construction of 40 portable micro-houses for the homeless, launching a county-wide TimeBank, or a fostering a test-pilot for a town square, Reinette has changed the conversation while reweaving community for a more challenging and unpredictable future.



Robert F Kennedy Jr 

(Lawyer, Activist, Author)


Around 2005, parents of vaccine-injured children began encountering Mr. Kennedy’s speeches and writings about the toxic mercury-based preservative thimerosal. They embraced new hope that this environmental champion would finally expose the truth about vaccine injury and win justice for injured children. Kennedy is known for his fierce and relentless brand of environmental activism and his advocacy for transparent government and rigorous science. He is now applying his tenacious energies and sophisticated strategies to exposing the fraud and corruption within the CDC and the pharmaceutical industry.



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