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Somebody needs to get some kind of force of people together, lawyers, judges who are reliable and trustworthy to sue the individuals and governments, corporations involved in this hoax and charge them with genocide.  The WHO and UNICEF should be charged with genocide as they have caused the suppression of births for 500,000 women and girls in Kenya who were given an anti-tetanus vaccine, despite there not being an issue of tetanus in the country, and men and boys were not given it even though they would be more likely to get tetanus than women.  These vaccinations were given in 2014 and they are all now found to be infertile.  Tests done on the vaccines that they were given show that there was an insert within the vaccine that causes sterility.  One of the five factors to describe a genocide is the suppression of births for the targeted groups.  The WHO and UNICEF and the Kenyan president have denied this is the case.  The president has obviously been paid off.


Unfortunately, the U.N. Agenda 21 seems to have been signed off by 196 countries, so basically they have all agreed to generate a pandemic like Covid-19 in order to start the global genocide in order to start a new World Order.  So it would need a global effort from so many ordinary people to stop it all.  We need groups to be set up in each individual country to hold their governments to account.  It was in the UK news the other day about the millions of pounds that Boris Johnson sent to China as part of the aid budget.  This could be related to the withdrawal of the contract agreed to have Huawei install our 5G, or it could presumably be part of our annual aid budget to pay off the third world leaders to ensure they stay on board with the genocide - starvation of their populations etc.


These should be watched by everyone.  Explains everything that is really going on.  If you can copy the Sandi Adams' ones, it may be a good idea, as these are being taken down fairly quickly:


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