Celestial Mystical Opera

I , Saralina Love offer Celestial Mystical Opera for events and sound tracks and offer CDs and MP3s to use for personal healing and transformation and deep soul, Eternal Spirit nourishment and atunement to our real selves. I'm also a poet and author and a speaker and I offer coaching sessions to help with families, businesses and individuals to align with one's real, naturalness and innate harmony within facilitating unfurling one's joy along with feeling and releasing traumas discovering, lear...

Radio Show

Hello my friends and thank you for all you are doing in these crazy times, I BELIEVE my radio show can help so many people around our BEAUTY FULL Mother Earth. I have a radio show that is very different. In between each song I give the listeners WISDOM about how POWER FULL they are, with leading edge science from the likes of Joe Dispeza, Bruce Lipton and many more leading edge thinkers. I play a positive song and then talk about the WISDOM, The Beatles ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE is just one example, ...


Podcast by Corrie The episode that has gotten the most attention so far is From Spousal Abuse to Societal Abuse. It is a comparison between the signs of abuse in a relationship, using my own story as an example, to what we are going through with the Covid scamdemic. You can also link to the main podcast page here: FYI: I share publicly under the pen name Thea Stone for security reasons but in NL people know me as Corrie Allan. If you have any question...

Home Decor

Suzari Designs Home Decor Handmade home decor made with a variety of fabrics and yarns. (Wall hangings, mirrors, garlands and more) -Charleston SC (online store)

West African and Spiritual Protection Jewelry

West African and Spiritual Protection Jewelry Online or in person in the NYC or Mystic, CT area

Essential Oils

I am a brand partner with Young Living essential oils & wellness products, there are a lot of natural/clean products infused with essential oils, supplements, essential oils, energy drinks, homecare products, a lot of stuff! It's all online-- here is my referral link: My member/referral id # is 25858192 Thank you :)

Gold and Silver

I am offering to you to be a part of the community of like-minded people who wants to preserve their money for future generations. Not the paper that we called money but God's money(gold and silver).

Natural fiber bed

The most health supporting natural fiber (wool) bed in the world Eliana Jantz- founder