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We have created a Network across in the UK which is expanding across the globe, to connect individuals and like minded individuals with each other locally.  We are creating parallel societies to live outside the matrix. Please share this with your subscribers so they can physically find their tribe. For freedom. Thank you. www.thefreedomnetwork.co.uk 



5G Freedom of Information Request FOI

All United Kingdom and Common Wealth residents can use this FOI request form as a template to send to Central Government, 4th Sector Organisations, Public entities, Local, District and Country Councils, Police and all Emergency Services to understand their 5G, GSM, WIFI and Smart Device plans, strategies and implementations.


Britain’s First 5G Court Case - and the People Won


Green Books

Environmental publishers for over 21 years, providing books, e-books, and articles.


HOW TO DECLINE A VACCINE...From Nurse Kate Shemirani

Dr. Stephanie Franz
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Sue Parker Hall welcomes you to Empathic Anger Management, a radical new approach to anger management that helps you address the underlying issues.

Kate Shemirani

A registered nurse and activist from England, who will be talking about the Corona Virus (or COVID-19, which stands for Corona Virus Certificate of Vaccination ID Number 19), 5G, and vaccines, and the loss of civil liberties. She healed herself after contracting breast cancer in 2012, and now educates the public on health and other issues.


Kate Shemirani - Youtube


Kate Shemirani - Bitchute


Save Us Now

Save Us Now ( S.U.N ) is the all new Political Party that will counter the collusion and crony institutions and systems undermining our freedom the rule of law, democracy and the peace of the United Kingdom.

We have served Gateshead Council with Notice of legal action against their covert deployment of 5G and the dangerous technology that they have fitted across the borough without public consultation. The scientific evidence is growing of the real purpose of 5G LED deployment to cause harm to the Citizen, which we are adding to the Court preparation papers.

Charly ward channel:


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