Idyllwild Mind, Body and Spirit Coaching Program

Idyllwild Mind, Body and Spirit Coaching Program
This program will be designed specifically for your needs at this moment in time on your healing journey. It will meet you where you are, with whatever resources you have to offer. The only requirement is that you bring your authentic self to the program and be willing to push the boundaries of your comfort zone. This program is for anyone, at any age, who is being confronted with a mind, body or spiritual dis-ease. It is also for someone who is ready to expand creatively, energetically, and physically. This may be your first stop on your journey or could be the last, depending on your unique story. Michelle Katz has been on a 7 year health and spiritual odyssey as a result of life-threatening mercury poisoning which left her bed-ridden and cognitively impaired in 2014 for three years, until she was properly diagnosed. She visited 18 doctors in the Los Angeles area before an Austin based doctor tested her for mercury. Apparently, Michelle fell into a very small group of people who had survived such a high level of mercury toxicity. Unfortunately, the mysteries and suffering due to her illness did not end there. She went on to work with various biological dentists over the next three years to have her fillings out, remove all root canals, and have cavitation surgery.
Throughout her extraordinary journey she was diagnosed with mercury poisoning, celiac disease, Hashimotos, leaky gut, chronic fatigue, Epstein Barr, Lyme co-infections, and depression. In the first three years her symptom list was a mile long and she was told she’d be on medication for life and that there were really no answers or treatment available for her. Faced with the painful decision between waiting to die or blazing an uncharted path to recovery she went on to work with hundreds of practitioners and healers across the country and around the world, including chiropractors, reiki masters, acupuncturists, functional doctors, shamans, naturopathic doctors, health coaches, death doulas, body workers, and many more wise and wonderful people who did their best to assist her on this long, and terrifying pilgrimage from near death to life. Her journey also included a profound spiritual odyssey beginning in February 2018 that brought her down to the Amazon Jungle in Peru to work with Shipibo Shamans where she began to delve deeply into many types of plant medicines including Ayahuasca, Bufo Alvarius (Toad Medicine), Psylocibin, and Kambo (an ancient Amazonian healing ritual), which leaves scars! You can see more about the ancestral trauma she tapped into by watching this short documentary: plant/

Although Michelle is still traveling along on her health journey, during the past 7 years she has managed to fully heal her cognitive/neurological symptoms, was able to return to work as a TV producer on a rigorous full-time project in 2017 and got married to the love of her life. In 2020 Michelle relocated from Los Angeles to the magical mountains of Idyllwild where she and her wife live in a beautiful cabin on a converted horse ranch with their cat Nomad. Michelle is a prolific songwriter, abstract painter and non-fiction essayist. She believes we can heal this troubled world by healing ourselves on the mind, body, and spirit level and by releasing what no longer serves us. She also believes in the power of truth.

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