UK - 5G Protest - March 20, 2021

Global Protest 20 March is fast approaching and I hope that you have all come up with something! For it is all hands to the pump now.... Please also keep sharing the enclosed Poster like never before!
Of course, simple and small is best under circumstances! Here in North-Devon (where I have landed now) a few of us are meeting on the Beach with placards. That's all that's needed! But it can be a lone picture as well or a Beach/Chalk Drawing or a Statue Action - your imagination sets the limit! The main thing is to take a picture with a Stop 5G Message from your village/town/city and to post it to the Global Action to Stop 5G Facebook Group as well as Stop 5G International + Social Media and the Media at large:
Stop 5G International email addresses: and
NB: I am aware that this date has also been chosen for the World Freedom Marches, which fortunately mention 5G, but only as one of many issues. Yes, it is all linked, but I am deeply concerned that we are losing focus and I hope that 5G is put at the forefront. 5G is the Spider in the web which will facilitate all the other horrors. Stop that and the rest will fall.... If not we will all soon be wearing electronic facemasks and current lockdowns will look like a walk in the park. What's more, protesting will have no power whatsoever for they will be able to app, track and zap us all the way to the Amazon and back with the help of the 100:000 (!) satellites that have been approved for the lower stratosphere. 
So, whilst masks, vaccines and lockdowns are serious issues which must be opposed, we cannot afford to let them distract us for that is exactly what Big Telecom and the AI industry want. They want us to take our eye off the ball so that they can quietly continue with the 5G rollout.... The real crime is unfolding above our very heads and must be stopped now, before it is too late...