- 1-The Corona Scandal - the case against the promoters of the corona panic - https://docdro.id/8AOuPjI
- 2-The Corona Scandal - documentation and refferences - https://docdro.id/SFpB70k
- 3-The Corona Scandal - Important News and Facts - https://docdro.id/YrxqkUw

Should you have any important resources, that is: documents, or good explanations, overviews, great speaches, links, etc - that are essential for understanding the coran situation. Please let me know. peter7r@tutanota.com

SUGGESTION TO IMPROVE THE FLOW OF INFORMATION - Forum Message Boards - Message Boards are one of the best ways to present information, and for the public to discuss it. As social madia keeps censuring, it will be usefull if there are independent places where people can discuss these issues and receive news, documentation, events, etc. - Free Message Boards - https://www.phpbb.com/ - https://www.simplemachines.org/ - https://mybb.com/

Thanks, Peter from Copenhaguen Denmark

Concerned Lawyers Network in Australia give NOTICE OF LIABILITY to all politician, Chief Health Offices, etc.