Mask Exemption Australia Lettter

Upon being told I had to wear a mask when seeing my doctor at a  small private hospital in Queensland, Australia, I refused. They wanted to know why, so this is the email I sent them:



Dear (Doctor and management)

My reasons for not being able to wear a mask are as follows:


1.       The CO-VID19 virus is not a pandemic, and is in actual fact a pandemic fraud of a criminal nature. I provide evidence via a 47-page white paper of research put together by international doctors, scientists and virologists (see attached);


2.       The Federal and State Governments are misleading the public because their decisions are not based on science or fact, and I am involved in a National Class Action seeking a Judicial Review into this decision-making process which is leading to the continued erosion of our human rights and the decimation of our society;


3.       Our Federal and State Governments are not working in the interests of the people, but rather in the interests of global pharmaceutical companies and others; as such, mask-wearing mandates are designed to create fear and measure obedience in the public so that future medical mandates can be rolled out;


4.       Mask-wearing to the best of my research depresses the immune system because of the excess carbon-dioxide and the creation of a fight-or-flight fear response in people because wearing masks is scary and unpleasant.


5.       Enforcing masks is medical interference on my healthy body and I have the lawful right to say no. If you refuse me entry, you are discriminating against me on the grounds of my personal preference;


6.       It is deleterious to my mental health and wellbeing to be forced to act against my moral conscience.


I provide this information in the spirit of love and in seeking the liberation of humanity. I would appreciate it if you would pass on this information  to the hospital management.

I await your advice,


Kind regards,