New Sources of Research Based Reason

Submitted with thanks by Achmed Valk of Sedona, USA - recommending this link:

It is recommended by Achmed because:  as an adult lifelong student of shamanism, esoteric sciences, practically applicable spiritual questing, and as a professional Human Design analyst, intuitive consultant, and bodymind therapist I have honed my skill to see energy as it flows in the universe such as in human energy or plasma fields.

I am intuitively guided in my pragmatic observance and research of the current mundane playing field in its plethora of permutations.  When I energetically, visually, and audibly perceive someone who delivers an exceptionally clear, concise, and to the point sequence of thought and inevitable conclusions without beating about the bush to make his/her message more palatable, I take keen notice.

Furthermore, these kind of sober professionals, who clearly know what they talk about in the framework of their longtime research and careers, are not seeking the limelight, publicity or fame.  They are the furthest removed from the real pandemic of narcissistic-exhibitionistic self promoters the internet/social & alt media are rife with.  They'd rather be left alone concentrating on their work.  Yet, when they hit on an undeniable threat to the preservation of all of humanity on account of a plandemically promoted, insane propaganda campaign that runs completely counter to the basic 101 level of scientific research, and that even bypasses the critical thinking capacity of the vast majority of their colleagues worldwide, they feel compelled to come out of the shadows to warn the world and provide it with a strong, stern, well-founded, sobering warning and wake up call.

In the field of safe long-term vaccine development, Judi Mickowitz was one of the first powerful whistleblowers coming out of the shadows.  The powerfully erudite German independent researcher, scientist, and inventor, Harold Kautz-Vellais another one among a select few credible sources.  Belgian career scientist, Geert Vanden Bossche is of the same calibre, exhibiting courage, integrity, heart, and incredulity to the fact that even the world of professional science has gone insane on account of fear of losing reputations, livelihood and profits.