Acupuncture Base 12 Energetic Healing Essential Oils Stones Tui Na Energetic healing supporting the body’s own intrinsic knowledge of healing through Classical Chinese Medicine and Base 12 principles. When the body, mind, and spirit are in alignment flow occurs and healing happens. Lack of flow and circulation causes discomfort, stagnation and pain. Distortions, learned patterns and coping skills create limitations and blockages on one’s healing journey. Untangling, unlearning and clearing ...

Montessori Pre-school

FOR ANY HOME SCHOOLERS OF PRE-SCHOOLERS. 😍 I would like to donate to a group trying to create a Montessori Pre-school. All my information from my year long course at Seattle University on Montessori education for 3-6 year olds. It’s all written up for you. Keep in mind I graduated in 1978 so although its hard copy and rather dated the ideas and suggestions are not dated & totally current as any course taught today. Montessori is as much a philosophy as a set of teaching materials so to use ...

Idyllwild Mind, Body and Spirit Coaching Program

Idyllwild Mind, Body and Spirit Coaching Program This program will be designed specifically for your needs at this moment in time on your healing journey. It will meet you where you are, with whatever resources you have to offer. The only requirement is that you bring your authentic self to the program and be willing to push the boundaries of your comfort zone. This program is for anyone, at any age, who is being confronted with a mind, body or spiritual dis-ease. It is also for someone who is ...

Dance Caller and Musician

Laurie Fisher Search it on youtube, try it out. Maybe you'll see God too . . . I am dance caller and musician near Asheville, NC USA. Be Well Ya'll .

Therapautic Healing

Therapeutic healing Check in for more. Work in development Much love Susan Evans North London based UK England


Breathwork healing and training: free online breathwork sessions and breathwork training programs. Thank you for this opportunity to be in service, and for all you do! with Love, Lisa McNett 352 870-2218

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Bookkeeping and accounting services virtual/remote

Scenar Pain Relief Therapy

Scenar Pain Relief Therapy Description: SCENAR is a therapeutic service that is non-invasive and suitable for all members of the family. SCENAR Therapy was developed by Russian Scientists for the Cosmonauts to use during journeys into space. The Electromagnetic Pulses coming from the handheld device will link with our own electrically charged nerves in the body to stimulate and promote healing which then reduces pain. Location: Ashbourne, Derbyshire, UK. Practitioner: Yvonne Davies - https://...

Stem Cell Therapy

Most companies in the field of stem cell medicine work on injecting stem cells from a younger donor into an older recipient. While this is promising, it can potentially be dangerous (uncontrolled cell division), costly (in excess of $10,000 for a single treatment), and not legal (most countries have not approved stem cell therapy). So what if there was a way to "reset" your OWN stem cells and get them to behave like younger, healthier stem cells? A way that was incredibly safe, ethical, incredib...