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Dr. Andrew Wakefield (Podcasts)

If you’ve heard Dr. Wakefield’s name—and you probably have—you’ve heard two tales. You’ve heard that Dr. Wakefield is a charlatan, an unethical researcher, and a huckster who was “erased” from the British medical registry and whose 1998 article on autism and gastrointestinal disease was “retracted” by a leading medical journal. You’ve also heard a very different story, that Dr. Wakefield is a brilliant and courageous scientist, a compassionate physician beloved by his patients, and a champion for families with autism and vaccine injury. What’s the truth?



Dr. Ben Lynch

Dr. Ben Lynch is the best-selling author of Dirty Genes and President of Seeking Health, a company that helps educate both the public and health professionals on how to overcome genetic dysfunction. He received his doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University. He lives in Seattle, WA with his wife and three sons.



Dr. Cordie Williams

The Megaphone Marine - now known for his riveting speech at a California Protest.

He also co-founded 1776 Forever Free with Chris Lippe to take action to preserve our Constitutional Rights.



Prof. Dolores Cahill, PhD

Dolores is an Inventor, Founder and Shareholder of Companies, has been Granted & licensed Patents in Europe, USA & worldwide with applications in improving the early accurate diagnosis of disease (auto immune diseases & cancer). 

With more than 20 years expertise in high-throughput protein & antibody array, proteomics technology development, automation & biomedical applications in biomarker discovery, diagnostics & personalised medicine

Selected experience as Expert in EU over past 15 years: EU Future & Emerging technologies (FETOPEN) Innovation Launchpad; EU Innovation Radar Expert, EU Horizon 2020 Societal Challenges 1 (Health).



Dr. Judy Mikovits

Judy Mikovits is an American activist. As research director of a CFS research organisation Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI) from 2006-2011, Mikovits led a research effort that reported in 2009 that a retrovirus known as xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus (XMRV) was associated with CFS and may have had a causal role.

Mikovits has gained attention on social media for promoting her ideas about the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic. She does not believe that a vaccine is needed to prevent COVID-19, and claims that the coronavirus was “caused by a bad strain of flu vaccine that was circulating between 2013 and 2015”. She also claimed masks will activate the virus and reinfect a mask-wearer over and over.



Nurse Kate Shemirani

A registered nurse and activist from England, who will be talking about the Corona Virus (or COVID-19, which stands for Corona Virus Certificate of Vaccination ID Number 19), 5G, and vaccines, and the loss of civil liberties. She healed herself after contracting breast cancer in 2012, and now educates the public on health and other issues.

Kate Shemirani - Youtube

Kate Shemirani - Bitchute



Dr. Pam Popper

Pam founded WELLNESS FORUM HEALTH, which offers a wide variety of educational programming, services and products for consumers and health professionals, accessible to anybody, anywhere in the world!

She also founded Make Americans Free Again, a community for Americans to work together to regain their rights and freedom.

Pam Popper - Youtube



Dr. Rashid Buttar, MD

Dr. Rashid A. Buttar is a graduate of the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Medicine and Surgery. He trained in General Surgery and Emergency Medicine and served as Brigade Surgeon and Director of Emergency Medicine while serving in the U.S. Army. Dr. Buttar is board certified in Clinical Metal Toxicology and Preventive Medicine; is board eligible in Emergency Medicine and has achieved fellowship status in three separate medical societies.

The philosophy that guides Advanced is based on the philosophy and treatment protocols of Dr. Rashid A. Buttar. This philosophy is based on the premise that all disease begins with the 7 Toxicities, all of which increase oxidative stress and result in pathology (or disease).

Dr. Buttar - Youtube



Dr. Rath Health Foundation

Today Dr. Rath heads a research and development institute in nutritional and Cellular Medicine. His institute is conducting basic research and clinical studies to scientifically document the health benefits of micronutrients in fighting a multitude of diseases. Dr. Rath is the founder of the scientific concept of Cellular Medicine, the systematic introduction into clinical medicine of the biochemical knowledge of the role of micronutrients as biocatalysts in a multitude of metabolic reactions at the cellular level. 

Dr. Rath Health Foundation also founded The Movement of Life, a non-profit global project that encourages people to create hands-on pilot projects in the areas of health, food, water, energy, knowledge and work.



Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD

Dr. Rima has been a longtime advocate for health and opting out of the medical cartel. 

Dr. Rima - Youtube



Dr Robert Rowen, MD, and Dr. Terri Su, MD

The “Dr. Robert Rowen, MD and Dr. Terri Su, MD Way” strives to remove underlying causes of poor health. The most common are: energy-blocking “interference fields”, toxins in the body, compromised metabolism, stress, unbalanced emotions, and inflammatory foods. Robert Rowen, MD and Terri Su, MD clinic doctors create a personalized return-to-health treatment plan that addresses both symptoms and underlying factors. The clinic’s approach is especially important for those who are experiencing significant health issues: chronic pain, chronic fatigue, arthritis, diabetes, Lyme disease, autoimmune diseases and other chronic conditions.



Dr. Robert O. Young

Over the past 30 years, Robert O. Young has supported the health of thousands of people with their revolutionary alkaline diet and lifestyle. This alkalizing diet and scientific approach—known as The New Biology®—is based on his extensive nutritional microbiological work, which spawned his authoring of the globally renowned book series, "The pH Miracle," which has been printed in over twenty languages.

The pH Miracle - living with an alkaline body!



Dr. Sherry Tenpenny

Dr. Sherry runs Vaxxter, a site that promotes alternative health news. Vaxxter offers well-structured and highly referenced articles of interest on vaccines and pharmaceutical products.



Dr. Suzanne Humphries

Dr Humphries is a conventionally educated medical doctor who was a participant in conventional hospital systems from 1989 until 2011 as an internist and nephrologist. She left her conventional hospital position in good standing, of her own volition in 2011. Since then, she’s been furthering her research into the medical literature on vaccines, immunity, history, and functional medicine.



Dr. Vernon Coleman 

Vernon Coleman, a Sunday Times bestselling author, is one of the few medically qualified authors writing on medical matters without bias and without any professional or commercial commitments or allegiances. His honesty has made him many enemies among the medical establishment and the establishment’s commercial alliances. His predictions, forecasts and warnings have often been made years (and, in many cases, decades) before anyone else has unearthed and understood the evidence or had the courage to speak out. In addition, in many of his medical books and thousands of newspaper and magazine articles he has drawn attention to the dangers of using specific over the counter and prescription drugs.

Dr. Coleman - Youtube



Dr. Zach Bush, MD

Zach Bush is a physician specializing in internal medicine, endocrinology, and hospice care. He is an internationally recognized educator and thought leader on the microbiome as it relates to health, disease and food systems. Dr. Zach founded Seraphic Group and the non-profit Farmer’s Footprint to develop root-cause solutions for human and ecological health. His passion for education reaches across many disciplines, including topics such as the role of soil and water ecosystems in human genomics, immunity, and gut/brain health. His education has highlighted the need for a radical departure from chemical farming and pharmacy, and his ongoing efforts are providing a path for consumers, farmers, and mega-industries to work together for a healthy future for people and planet.

Quick links on Dr. Bush’s resources

Dr. Bush - Youtube


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