Happiness Hub - Post Here The Things Which Make you Happy

What makes you truly happy?  How do you express that happiness?  What does it feel like inside you when you are happy?  How would others know you are happy?  How often do you reflect on your happiness?  How often do you express gratitude for your life?  What simple things make you happy?

Sharne Van der Burgh - 3/2/2021 (not in any priority order - just how they bounced into my head!)

Fresh air - being in nature and walking in the forest - hearing the birds sing - watching the birds feeding from the fat balls on the tree outside my window on a snowy day.  Having a fire burning and watching the flames.  Driving my car and feeling the freedom that brings to go anywhere.  Playing with my friends children and watching their imaginations create whole new worlds and sharing their simple joy of life. A great chat with a good friend.  An inspiring book or podcast.  My health and wellbeing - gratitude to my body and mind for bringing me this far in life - despite years of neglect and abuse!  My sister - the funniest most loving person I know.  My wonderful parents who are a role model for elderhood.  My wonderful friends - who are funny, loving, caring, challenging and the smartest women I know.  My home - creating a space which truly reflects who I am inside - that makes everyone feel welcome and me feel at peace in my heart.  So many things to be grateful for - wow!! That makes me happy :)